TASMANIA TOURISM – The Surfing Sushi Chef

The morning was cool as we headed South of Hobart to the shoot location to rendezvous with The Surfing Sushi Chef – Masaaki Koyama. I’d just arrived back in Australia after being in the Maldives where the water was warm and the air was humid. Slipping into the wetsuit I was anticipating an icy reception from the Great Southern Ocean but to my surprise, it was mild to say the least. On with the job…. Shooting Masaaki Koyama and his mates surfing on one of Australia’s Southern most beaches for a new ‘Go Behind the Scenery’ commercial.

Shot 6K on Red Dragon using a Zeiss Standard Speed 40mm prime lens and custom Dave Kelly water housing.

Director – Gemma Lee

DOP – Simon Ozolins

Underwater DOP – Talon Clemow / One Palm Media

Producer – Michael McInerney

Agency – Jim Jam Ideas

Post Production – Drum Creative

Talent – Masaaki Koyama