SURFSTITCH – Winter 2016 Campaign

A chance meeting, bumping into an old friend and colleague in the halls of our former employer, Billabong, lead to One Palm Media being contracted to shoot the SurfStitch Winter 2016 campaign in Tasmania. Turned out that the old friend and colleague was now the marketing manager at SS and a few months later the phone rang with opportunity to work together again. 3 days of tight shooting and darting from location to location saw the cast & crew getting back onto the plane with weary eyes and a lust for snooze. A great shoot with a cool crew and the results turned out well.

Shot on Red Dragon with DJI Ronin and custom Dave Kelly water housing.

Director / DP – Talon Clemow / One Palm Media

Producer – Luke Scharkie / SurfStitch

2nd Unit DOP – Jy Johanason

Talent – Mikey Brennan / Torren Martyn / Jack Lynch

Post Production – Talon Clemow / One Palm Media

Frame grabs and the videos below….