When you get emails and phone calls about heading to the Maldives to create a new Corona promo from the Monster Children guys, it’s a good day! The brief was simple / loose. ‘As long as we get waves, it’ll be sweet’ says Director Chris Searl over the phone on the pre-production conference call. It took a week of waiting out out between rain squalls and hoping for swell, but we got there in the end. Grateful to work with such a good crew of individuals. Frames from the Red Dragon below credits and the 30sec promo to view is further below….

Shot 6K on Red Dragon using Zeiss Super Speed lenses and a custom Dave Kelly water housing and DJI Ronin & Drone.

Director / Drone Operator – Chris Searl

DOP – Talon Clemow / One Palm Media

Producer – Kieran Burke

Talent – Alana Spencer

Edit – Talon Clemow / One Palm Media

Graphics – Jason Domanchie

Agency – Monster Children