Stories are the one thing that humans will never tire of. It’s a fact. From an early age we’re told a multitude of stories and as we grow, the fascination rarely wavers.

One Palm Media are here to tell stories in the new digital age. Whether it be in a 15 or 30 sec TVC, a 22 minute Television show or a 2 hour feature length documentary; that’s where our passion lies & THAT’S WHAT WE DO!

THUNDERCLOUD is an international award winning feature length documentary about Cloudbreak in Fiji.

Awarded the prestigous #SurferPoll ‘Documentary Of The Year’ on release in 2014 as well as the ‘Best Action / Adventure Feature’ at the Maui International Film Festival. The San Sebastian Surf Film Festival chose Thundercloud as the headlining feature for the 2014 festival in Spain. Global audiences in Australia, the USA, Brazil, Europe, Fiji, Hawaii & Vanuatu have all screened the documentary in cinema and it’s available for download on iTunes HERE, Vimeo On Demand HERE, or send us an email for DVD & BluRay orders HERE.

GIVING THANKS is the story of Ted Scarritt, a 59 year old surfer from Orange Beach, Alabama USA.

His tale is an inspiring story of gratitude that comes from a genuine place in the human nature. From near death to a life full circle and back enjoying the ocean and surfing on location at Macaronis Resort in Indonesia. This is an 18 minute depiction of a man deeply rooted in his faith and grateful for everything that has come and will come his way until the end of his days. Ted Scarritt of Perdido Beach Services, a good man with a great heart.

WILDFIRE  is a 19 minute short film featuring the Coffin brothers, Connor & Parker, as well as Yadin Nicol and fellow West Oz free surfer Jay Davies.

Shot on location at Lakey Peak, Sumbawa Indonesia.

Directed & DOP by Ryan Perry

Underwater DOP & 2nd Unit Red Camera by Talon Clemow – One Palm Media

Post Production by Young Wise Tails