What Is a Tech Audit?

Technical audits are an assessment of the technology infrastructure of an organisation. The aim is to find strengths and weaknesses in the technology stack and ensure that it’s aligned with business goals. This is a crucial aspect before starting a new project and gives valuable insight on how technology will perform.

Tech audits differ from IT reviews and security assessments which focus more on evaluating systems for security and compliance. Tech audits take stock of the tools your organization uses to complete work and examine their effectiveness, cost, as well as integration with other technologies.

The specifics of a tech audit depend on who is conducting the review. It may be requested by the CFO, who wishes to reduce the cost of software or by a group leaders who want to become more efficient and agile.

One of the most frequent findings from a tech stack audit is that a variety of tools are being utilized for similar functions. For example, engineering might utilize Jira, while marketing teams might use Asana and Wrike. Data doesn’t flow smoothly between departments, and there is no one source of truth.

Un-sanctioned applications are also commonly used by certain teams or departments. While some of these may be beneficial and have value, they can be a threat particularly if they’re not tested for security or integrations with other technology. Tech audits give the top management visibility into these tools and how they’re utilized to determine whether they should be integrated into the larger technology stack.


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