Virtual Board Portals

Board portals are hubs for managing meetings that are safe. They enable board members to focus their attention on governance and less time dealing with petty logistics. A robust portal for board members reduces the expense of printing and distribution of physical materials for boards.

Ideally, board documents should be distributed at minimum two to three working days prior to the meeting, so that directors can review them. This allows the board to read and discuss each document in advance. It’s also the best time for ensuring that all directors are aware of any changes to the original report, or any new information that may have been added to an update.

Boards are able to benefit from a set of tools which allows them to efficiently plan and run meetings, work with committees and colleagues and produce minutes after each meeting. Furthermore, they should be equipped to provide their members with the one source for the most current accurate and complete documents for the board.

For the best results with your portal, choose an organization that is willing to work directly with your IT department and takes into account the security needs of your company. Make sure the software you choose is ISO 27001-compliant and has encryption during transit and rest, and offers granular control of authentication and access. It should also offer 24/7 support from an expert team within the company. Verify that the vendor of your board portal regularly goes through internal and external audits as well as penetration tests.

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