How do you set up a Seresto collar

Setting up your Seresto collar is a simple process. First, remove the collar from the packaging and, if possible, hold it away from other cats or pets in the home that are not intended to wear it.

To safely secure the collar around your cat’s neck, lay the collar along their neck and adjust so that two fingers can fit comfortably between their neck and the collar. Then secure one end of the plastic buckle through any of its open slots onto one end of the metal loop on the opposite side. Lastly, fasten its quick release tab to make sure it’s snug but still comfortable for your pet.

If you need to adjust the size of your pet’s Seresto collar, most collars should have convenient clip-on points near either end which let you easily loosen it just enough to slip over the head. This way you don’t have to detach and reattach it every time you need to make an adjustment.

Once correctly fitted onto your pet’s neck, they are now ready to benefit from continuous protection against fleas and ticks for up to eight months!

Prepare the Collar

Before you set up your Seresto Collar, there are a few steps you’ll need to take. First, make sure that the collar is the right size for your pet. It should be snug enough to stay in place but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable. You can check the collar size guide or measure your pet’s neck before purchasing.

After you have the right size, prepare a pair of scissors and towel (or tissue) to cut off excess collar material after putting it on your pet. Make sure that any remaining plastic tabs are removed from the collar end. Finally, you will need another person to help you if your pet is uncooperative while attaching the collar.

Once these preparations are complete, you can move forward with actually setting up the Seresto Collar on your pet!

Place the Collar On Your Pet

Once you’ve purchased a Seresto collar, the next step is to place it on your pet. Here’s how:

1. Loosen the collar so it’s wide enough to fit comfortably over your pet’s head without being too tight.

2. Hold the spike end with one hand and quickly slide the looped collar onto your pet’s neck with the seresto collar for sale other. Don’t pull the loops from both sides at once or it may be difficult to get it firmly secured, resulting in extra stress for your pet.

3. Adjust the collar so that two fingers fit between your pet’s neck and the collar’s edge for a secure, snug fit. Check periodically as your pet grows or when bathing/grooming that it hasn’t become too loose or tight.

4. Make sure that all of the information (your contact info, expiration date, etc) on the collar is legible as this will aid any rescuer in returning your beloved pet if they happen to wander off.

Check For a Good Fit

The most important step in setting up your Seresto collar is making sure it fits well on your pet. Even the best flea and tick collar won’t do a good job if it doesn’t fit correctly, so take the time to make sure you have a good fit.

First, check the size of your Seresto collar by wrapping it around your pet’s neck and measuring for a snug but not too tight fit. You should be able to get two fingers between the collar and your pet’s skin comfortably. If it looks too small or too loose, use scissors to cut off a couple of inches from the excess.

Once you have the correct size, put the collar on your pet according to the instructions. The active ingredient should never contact your pet’s skin directly, so make sure no portion of the ingredient disc is rubbing against their skin before closing the clasp shut. Also be sure that there are enough spaces between each link so that any fur or debris does not trap beneath them.

Activate the Collar

Once you’ve securely fastened the Seresto collar around your pet’s neck, it is time to activate the collar. Start by downloading the Seresto app onto your mobile device. The app will walk you through a step-by-step guide that includes instructions on how to measure and fit the collar correctly and how to scan in the unique serial number of your pet’s collar.

Next, use the scanning function of your device to register and pair your pet’s collar with the Seresto app. Once done, you should see a message on your screen saying that “Your Seresto Collar is now activated”. Now, any time you want to access information and check in with your pet while they are wearing their Seresto collar, all you have to do is open up the app!

Ending things off

If you have all of the supplies on hand and properly fit the collar to your pet, setting up a Seresto collar is an easy job that could help protect your pet from fleas, ticks, and other pests.

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