Whether your project needs to be distributed online through the internet for PC’s and mobile devices, on Television or on DVD, onepalmMEDIA can make this happen.

Online :

The internet offers a direct form of distribution to end users whom consume content on mass daily. A variety of different web compressions are available to suit mobile devices (3G),  standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD). Depending on where your content will be viewed onepalmMEDIA can tailor compressions settings to suit and recommend a wide variety of platforms to distribute on throughout our network of online partners.

Television :

onepalmMEDIA has produced various television shows that have aired on television and can assist in getting your productions in front of the eyeballs of your target market through long established relationships with key media outlets.

Once a Television Commercial has been produced there is a process before it can go to air and onepalmMEDIA has experience that can assist you and your brand in making this happen. CONTACT us for details.


If you have produced and finished a project for DVD and you’re looking for distribution then onepalmMEDIA is here to help. A variety of different solutions are available to you. CONTACT us for more details.



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