The Tasmanian

Marti Paradisis is a native Tasmanian surfer from Clifton Beach, just outside of Hobart. Notorious for his exploits at the big wave location Shipstern Bluff as well as pioneering one of the most feared and dangerous waves in the world, Pedra Blanca, Marti has an infectious attitude for surfing and can often be found checking charts and chasing waves around the coasts of Tasmania.

‘The Tasmanian’ is an entry for the Reelers 2016 short film competition hosted by Surfing World in the ‘Story Category’ presented by Corona. Directed by Talon Clemow with additional cinematography by Owen Milne.

Shot on location in Tasmania using Red Digital Cinema’s Red Epic & Red Dragon cameras, this clip is small insight into the world of Mr Paradisis and his home land.

Red Dragon frame grabs

Video below…